Women of The Night.

If I am sexualised by being,
I may as well charge money for it.
Earn every pretty penny,
Undressing for a man I’ve just met.

We play the part,
Pretend we adore you,
When you’re drunk and you’re lonely,
At four in the morning.

We are submissive,
You can control us,
You own us, you own us…

You think that you own us.

You think you’ve enslaved us.
A zoo for your entertainment,
To grope and to gawk at,
A prisoner in your imagination.

But women are clever and we twist things, you see.
Earn a living from the sexualisation of society.

You call us sluts and you call us whores,
When we’re crawling towards you down on all fours.

You try to degrade us.
Act like you’re blameless,
When you throw your money,
We’ll laugh in your faces.

We’ll count it all out,
You only have yourselves to thank.
And then we’ll be laughing,
All the way to the bank.