As a generation, we’ve become desensitised to everything.

Our identity is changing as a result.
I believe that everyone, at one point, has felt ‘inhuman’,
For me I struggled with feeling anything for others, I was numb and apathetic to the world and needed antidepressants in order to feel ‘normal’ again.
For a while I forgot that people around me were not just characters in my story, that they were human, that they had feelings and lives and families to go home to.
I was still capable of showing care, but somehow it didn’t feel genuine.
I even forgot that I was human, I felt like a machine working on auto-pilot.
Somehow I believe the education system was partly responsible for this, making us all feel like we were robots on a factory line.
That’s why I think our generation goes to such extremes, dousing ourselves in drink and drugs, just to feel something. To feel anything. To feel anything is better than to feel nothing at all.


The hotel room warped,
Transported me onto a ship,
Proportions all out of proportion –

I was small, so small,
Like Alice in Wonderland,
When she drinks a magic potion,
That makes her shrink.

My veins danced for me,
Blue blood that pulsed through,
Like electricity –

I was warm, so warm,
Everything shimmered,
Mirage in a desert,
Relaxing on the beach in the heat.

A photograph on the wall,
A forest. Light shining through the trees.
I saw movement, saw each ray from the sun,
Passing through the branches and the leaves.

Tension, building, building, building,
All up my spine and into my scalp,
Orgasmic ecstasy,
A reiki healing from some form of God.